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If we allow it to change our way of thinking, we will understand our essential oneness with all things. ~ from TAO, no. Tao: Daily Meditations. Read Tao by Deng Ming-Dao by Deng Ming-Dao by Deng Ming-Dao for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Tao: Daily Meditations. The Tao is constantly moving, the path that all life and the whole universe takes. Tao is a contemporary book of meditations on what it means to be wholly a part of the Taoist way, and thus to be completely in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world.


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Deng Ming-Dao does not translate words, he has managed to express Chinese ideas in English words. I have vainly struggled to do so in order to share my insights with my husband.

I 365 tao daily meditations my copy of this books so much that I am purchasing a copy for him. Daily Meditations has been a constant companion for me over the last 6 months or so. As suggested by the book, I read one short passage corresponding to the current day, every day, and try to keep it in mind.

Sometimes I only think about it for a few minutes.

365 Tao: Daily Meditations

Sometimes it sticks with me for hours. Every once in a while a particular thought will stay with me for weeks.


Whether you embrace Taoism, reject it, or are simply curious, the book presents for your perusal the 365 tao daily meditations own thoughts and meditations on broad-reaching, universal subject matters: Certainly the last 6 months with it have been beneficial to me.

Each morning, looking at the next passage is a joy, not a chore. Commentary by Deng Mind-Dao is thought provoking and enlightening.

Tao: Daily Meditations PDF - PDF

Great idea for people who didn't start on the 1st of the year. It's also further 365 tao daily meditations into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The perfect companion to start each day. This paradigm "now here's today's lesson" has of course been done to death, but I've found no better example of the genre than this one.

I was pleased -- but not surprised -- to see that it is generally getting the tribute it deserves.

This book has sat by my bedside for 5 years 365 tao daily meditations, on a very regular basis I just pick it up and read a page at random, and it always speaks words of wisdom to me, that are relevant to whatever situation I find myself in. It has taught me new ways to deal with life's ups and downs.

It has totally enriched my life, and I expect I will be referring to it for the rest of my natural life. I picked this up right after reading the Tao of pooh and was 365 tao daily meditations impressed.

The book is very well organized and he stays on a subject for several entries in a row but has the skills to switch to another subject before he beats it to death.

365 Tao: Daily Meditations PDF

If you were lazy for the day, then you have not. Self-cultivation is the heart of spiritual attainment. Gaining insight and ability is not a matter of grand statements, dramatic initiations, or sporadic moments of enlightenment. 365 tao daily meditations things are only highlights in a life of consistent activi This is a wonderful daily reflection tool for anyone of any or no faith tradition.

Those things are only highlights in a life of consistent activity. Whatever system 365 tao daily meditations spirituality you practice, do it every day.

365 tao daily meditations If it is prayer, then pray every day. If it is meditation, then meditate every day. If it is exercise, then exercise every day. Only then will you be able to say that you are truly practicing spirituality.