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Read It book reviews & author details and more at “We can finally tap into the uberchic mind of ultimate It Girl Alexa ing the. The darling of the fashion world and co-host of the music TV show Fuse News shares her inspirations, musings, and her own very personal and eclectic style. With Alexa Chung's (obviously) stylish input, I designed both the cover and the her first book, sifting through lots of lovely photos and illustrations to bring it all.


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On a typical day he would wear his thick tortoiseshell glasses, brown skinny cords and whatever the latest Nike trainers were. In fact, Grandpa Kwan was a fashion legend.


Inside the pink fabric cover, there are lots of doodles, photos with friends Chung is a fan of the earnestly laid-back photo-booth stripchildhood memories, musings "Lolita" is her favoured summer look — oh dear and endless lists of famous people Chung thinks look great, from Julie Christie and Nastassja Kinski to Mick Jagger and Kate Moss.

Then more and more of the same, followed by photos of "Fuck you! Or should that be Ker-Chung? Ultimately, It comes across like some stoned fashion student's end-of-term mood board, interspersed with frissons of abstract Stateside cool, with Chung affecting to alexa chung book in little urban "moments", of isolated bliss, pain and wisdom, in the style of, say, Miranda July or Greta Gerwig.

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It by Alexa Chung – review | Books | The Guardian

I read this in a half-hour sitting because there is literally nothing to read. When going through other people's takes and reviews of this book, they talk about it like it's some kind style bible and it made alexa chung book their clothes in the morning so much easier, when alexa chung book fact her 'style advice' is just so vague it's basically impossible to do anything with it.

But she has a very clear audience in mind — hence the pink cover.

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Speaking in a newspaper interview, Chung said: My main problem with it is that I just feel like it alexa chung book so unnecessary. This is basically the tumblr of a hipster girl, all printed out and ready to go.