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Dev Sahitya Kutir`s most important contribution till date are the two Bengali magazines Shuktarar Goyenda o Rahasya Galpo 1 Golpo Boli Shono. 93 books based on 20 votes: ফেলুদা সমগ্র ১ by Satyajit Ray, ব্যোমকেশ সমগ্র by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, ফেলুদা সমগ্র ২ by Satyajit Ray. Shatabarsher Shreshtha Goenda Kahini Bangla book pdf file. Author- various Acha “Shatabarsher Shreshtha vuter golpo” boi ta ki paoa jabe.


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The first story appeared in print in Unlike many other fictional detectives, Bangla goenda golpo ages, marries, has a son, starts a publishing firm with his assistant-cum-chronicler Ajit, buys a house in South Calcutta, and ponders buying a car for his wife Satyabati.

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He is mostly portrayed as lean, lanky and a tall gentleman who minds bangla goenda golpo manners. He has a passion for football and a solid grasp over Bengali literature and a working knowledge of the Sanskrit classics from which both he and Ajit quote freely.

Since then, the series continued for 33 years on popular demand, bangla goenda golpo over 36 adventure novels in print until the death of the author in This accident however has not crippled his strong mental will and physical strength. He is much sought after by the Indian intelligence to solve critical cases of crime.

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He has worked in CBI for some years. Mitinmashi Suchitra Bhattacharya We have an aunt and niece detective team, our detective is Mitin Mashi or Aunt Mitin created by Suchitra Bhattacharya for young adults.


Pragyaparamita Mukherjee, who, like all good Bengalis, is known by her nick name, Mitin, lives in Kolkata, with her husband, Partho and son, Boomboom, and works as a private detective. She is the 21st century, educated, bangla goenda golpo Kolkata woman in her bangla goenda golpo 30s. There are only a few female detective characters in Bengali literature and Mitin mashi is one of them.

Shabor Dasgupta

Officially the company was founded by Ashutosh Dev in the year bangla goenda golpo However under the supervision of Shri Ashutosh De Dev the press made a phenomenal success. After the establishment of Dev Sahitya Kutir Pvt. Accompanied by his bangla goenda golpo Topse and friend Lalmohan Ganguly aka Jatayu, this character created by Satyajit Ray is popular among young and adult audiences alike.

The stories bangla goenda golpo been brought alive on-screen by Ray himself with Soumitra Chatterjee playing the role of Feluda. Byomkesh Bakshy by Shardindu Bandopdhyay was more on the lines of seeking truth Satyanweshi is what Byomkesh preferred.

Sera Goenda Golpo :সেরা গোয়েন্দা গল্প: Boi-Mela

bangla goenda golpo Human characters have probably been best explored through Byomkesh series. While the legendary Uttam Kumar was the first to play this bangla goenda golpo on-screen in the movie adaptation of the story Chiriyakhana, Rajit Kapur took it to masses through the serial.

Recently Abir Chattopdhayay and Jishu Sengupta have essayed this role in different movie adaptation of his stories. Kiriti was symbolized by his choice of a hat and habit of smoking pipes. He was also unique in being married to a lady named Krishna.

: Tin Goyenda Volume 38 By Rakib Hasan, Rakib Hasan

Quite a few times his mannerism comes across as highly influenced by Sherlock Holmes. Recently Indraneil Sengupta brought alive this character on-screen.


Along with his nephew Sunanda Roy Chowdhury aka Santu, they solve mysteries through their expeditions. The first onscreen adaptation of this series happened years back in the form of a movie Sabuj Dwiper Raja.