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Beef cattle farming tips that accelerate the learning process: 1) Work with cattle on your farm or on the farm of a good cattle producer, 2) Contact your county agent, club agent, agriculture teacher, extension livestock specialist and animal husbandry department of your state's agricultural college, 3) Visit and. Beef farming slots in well with other agricultural enterprises, especially grain. Cattle can feed on resources that have little other use, such as. If you've ever listened or watched one of the news reports about antibiotics used in meat production or yet another food recall, you've probably.


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While very expensive the initial outlay can be justified cattle farming for beginners prevent an enormous number of management problems and possibly even neighbour conflicts for years after construction. The second perimeter fence should be approximately 30m inside the exclusion fence.

The area in-between is used for remnant vegetation protection or establishment of conservation plantings with or without farm forestry plantings. Keep a 5m gap between rows and fences so slashing for weed control can be undertaken.


After plantings are about five years of age the exclusion area can be occasionally grazed instead of slashing. It can be a useful area, particularly for ewes and lambs and recently shorn sheep, if protection against cold weather is needed for a few days.

Conventional internal sheep fences can be simply constructed using prefabricated wire with non-slip knots. If weaner sheep are cattle farming for beginners to recognise electric fences, a two wire electric fence can work for sub-division fencing.


Success of these fences requires a good understanding of sheep and cattle pasture requirements and building pasture cattle farming for beginners which ensure animals are nutritionally content behind the electric wire. Development of empathy with livestock is also important for successful electric wire subdivision on small farms.

Easily frightened animals will crash through one or two wire electric fences. Newly purchased livestock which have not experienced electric fences before need to be trained to living in paddocks with them.

How to Start a Cattle Farm Business

This can be done in a secure yard fitted with an electric wire on an outrigger. Conventional cattle fences usually involve six or seven wires and one or two embedded electric wires or an outrigger wire.

When electric wires cattle farming for beginners included, it is not necessary to use barb wire in the fence. If cattle are trained to recognise electric fences, a single electric wire can work for sub-division fencing.

Livestock farming tips for beginners

Conservation corridors between paddocks, remnant vegetation restoration and riparian zones need conventional fences and with cattle at least an cattle farming for beginners wire outrigger.

One single incursion into a new planting up to about five years of age can cause such significant damage to seedlings and small trees that the corridor must be replanted. Absentee landowners have even greater risk of serious damage happening if secure fencing is not in place.

Predator control — foxes, dogs If considering owning small ruminant livestock, pigs and poultry, then owners need to be comfortable with controlling foxes and in some areas close to towns incursions from wandering domestic dogs.

Fox control is significantly helped with the exclusion fence described above, but even with this these animals have uncanny ability to find a security breech. Without such fencing, fox cattle farming for beginners is critical component of annual management of small livestock species.

Shooting, baiting with Foxoff and den destruction are needed in combination to prevent animal losses.

How to develop and manage a small beef cattle herd

Co-operation of neighbours in controlling foxes on their properties is particularly useful but in our shire is unlikely to happen, mainly because with cattle farming for beginners and horse farms foxes are not an issue. Fox control must be part of annual management when owning breeding sheep, poultry and pigs.

Here a fox seeks out buried bait. Guard animals, Maremma dogs or alpaca wethers, are often used as a method of protecting livestock from fox attacks.


With free range poultry and pigs guards dogs are likely to be needed year round. Intruding domestic dogs are a rare but ever present concern for small ruminant livestock, and free range pigs and poultry. Domestic dog owners are generally becoming more diligent about containing cattle farming for beginners on properties and have legal responsibility to do so.