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The E1 building flanks the new piazza ant the new canal ditched in the south-east quadrant of the area. The front toward the piazza, resting on a long public. On the island of Giudecca, the abandoned industrial area of the Junghans factory has been turned into a residential neighborhood. Cino Zucchi. The new residential construction stands in the place of an existing building at the junction between two canals, preserving its smokestack as a document of the.


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Its four floors host sixteen subsidized housing apartments served by a central stair and elevator. We wished to find an architect who would decipher and cino zucchini venezia to the community of architects and to a wider audience some specific Italian architecture.

The building, founded on steel piles, is built in load-bearing masonry and reinforced concrete.


This, then, is the crux of the operation. On the one hand it proposes a correction and extension of the urban cino zucchini venezia and on the other, it emphasizes the search for a particular character for each building, somewhere between environmentalism, townscape and the picturesque.

The new complex is situated at the centre of the island.

To the north the plan takes up the pattern of the existing fabric, in an intelligent micro-town-planning surgery. The presence of the new buildings is diluted in the network of existing routes, extending and reinforcing it through new openings and connections.

Some of the industrial buildings have thus been maintained, cut, and transformed, or substituted by other buildings insisting on the same foundations. Bricoleurs rather than engineers, who assemble fragments of current techniques to achieve different goals, conveying in the recording studio the harmonic overtones of cino zucchini venezia sampled melodies cino zucchini venezia an intent first desired and then carried out.

Cino Zucchi. Five housing blocks in Venice - Domus

Nuovo Portello residential cino zucchini venezia Milan Italy The project creates a new city part in coherence with the larger process of transformation affecting the area.

Cino zucchini venezia new square and the new canal, facing the lagoon, offer a hitherto unseen view and give access to a landscape until now little appreciated.

It is certainly no coincidence that precisely these are the buildings allocated to non-Venetian buyers.

The system of open spaces, of calli, campi and gardens, and the relation between the canals and water, or with green areas the little private gardens suggest an idea of continuing Venetian urban space. The situation is very different to that of the nearby Sacca Fisola, where the public housing estates built after the war look as if they had been lifted from the anonymous suburbs of the mainland Venetian cino zucchini venezia of the s, with their little flowerbeds and lawns to cino zucchini venezia the buildings.

It is very Venetian, yet reminiscent of the lesson learnt from the high density low buildings of British postwar experiments. This is only in part the result of that urban strategy which from the s saw movement and heterogeneity as a value to be contrasted with the monotonous uniformity cino zucchini venezia unvaried projects, and which caused a single project often to be broken down and fragmented among different architects.