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Kulhwch and Olwen, Welsh Culhwch ac Olwen, (c. ), Welsh prose work that is one of the earliest-known Arthurian romances. It is a lighthearted tale that. "Culhwch and Olwen" is the earliest Arthurian story and probably appeared in written form first in the late 10th century. Reading this one can be frustrating and is. Then said she unto him, "I declare to thee, that it is thy destiny not to be suited with a wife until thou obtain Olwen a, the daughter of Yspaddaden Penkawr.


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One day the lady went outside for a stroll.


She culhwch and olwen to the house of an old hag from the township without a single tooth in her head. Where are the children of the man who has seized me through violent abduction?

Kulhwch and Olwen

It is prophesied that he should get an heir. He will get it from you since he has not got one from any other [woman]. Don't be sad culhwch and olwen, he has a boy.

Spoke she to culhwch and olwen lover: His step-mother said to him: I have a daughter who would suit any nobleman in the world. These tasks are so onerous that Ysbaddaden cannot believe that Culhwch will succeed in completing them.

BBC Wales - History - Themes - Culhwch and Olwen

Culhwch and his party set out on the tasks, most of which relate to the ceremonial cutting of Ysbaddan's hair and shaving him. In order to do this he needs to locate Wyrnach the giant whose sword is needed to kill Twrch Twrch.

Twrch Twrch is an Irish King now turned into a boar by a curse. On his head between his ears is stored a comb, razor and scissors. This was a trick and Cei culhwch and olwen the sword and then cuts off culhwch and olwen head.

Culhwch and Olwen - Wikipedia

In order to hunt down Twrch Twrch Culhwch is required to use culhwch and olwen hound Drudwyn. The only person known to be able to control the hound is Mabon ap Madron, who at the time was imprisoned in a prison in Gloucester. With the help of the wisest culhwch and olwen in the land including the ancient Salmon of Llyn Llyw they find Mabron who is freed.


The tale has a simple plot but an often complex cast of characters. She becomes pregnant, but loses her sanity before the birth. Their son, Culhwch and olwen, is born in a pig-run, and is raised in secret by a swineherd until he comes of age. Goleuddydd dies soon after Culhwch's birth.

When looking for another wife, Cilydd kills King Doged, taking his widow, daughter and land as his own.

The Mabinogion: Kilhwch and Olwen: Kilhwch and Olwen

Cilydd's new queen is unhappy that he doesn't have a direct heir, but calls Culhwch to court when she learns of his existence. She suggests that Culhwch should marry her daughter, guaranteeing succession.

Such features destroy mystery, culhwch and olwen, freedom.

In "Culhwch and Olwen" we are culhwch and olwen to confront blatant non-motivation and an absence of rational explanations. The ritualistic quest combines with the unexplained visual quality of the work to provide seemingly haphazard vignettes.


In terms of culhwch and olwen romance genre, these effects have been compared to the dream state -- an alternate type of experience and consciousness. It is prophesied that he shall have offspring. Besides, be not unhappy, he has one son. It is a lighthearted tale that skillfully incorporates themes from mythology, folk literatureand history.