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El Dr. José Pérez M., master en Sofrología Caycediana nos explica la técnica Nuestros amigos de Lalita nos hablan de los cursos de cocina. See who you know at Academia Internacional de Sofrología Caycediana, los cursos de relajación, ambas dos tienen como objetivo aumentar el bienestar y la. : Hipnosis Y Sofrologia/ Hypnosis and Sofrology (Spanish Edition) Sus cursos de risoterapia, sus seminarios sobre los sueños y la actividad.


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In this sense it was absolutely a childhood dream which came true when I was able to join United Nations as my very first job. I always enjoyed working in multi-cultural teams with people from all backgrounds and cultures who have wide perspectives, experiences, expectation and different approaches to solving a problem.

So when curso de sofrologia government of Luxembourg granted me the opportunity to start my professional career with the UN in Africa, I was really thrilled.

Was it difficult to gain acceptance as a woman? Are you often curso de sofrologia with stereotypes in a career like yours?


Fortunately I am working in curso de sofrologia organization which mandate carries gender equality and women empowerment at its heart. We are supporting initiatives that improve women's health and expand their choices in life.

What is your greatest achievement? That is a difficult question to answer.


On a personal level, Curso de sofrologia think, choosing my husband and having children has been the best decision I ever took. At the professional level, I was very fortunate to be able to work directly with wonderful women and men in developing countries, with whom we achieved significant curso de sofrologia in public health.

CURSO De Sofrologia Caycediana

But the real sense of achievement comes when you realize that your work touches the life of the most vulnerable. One such situation for example was when we set up a mobile clinic in a rural area in Niger, Africa to reach nomadic populations with maternal and curso de sofrologia care services.

At one of my missions in that curso de sofrologia I witnessed how a midwife, which we had deployed, helped deliver a baby boy. Without her help this little guy would have had curso de sofrologia very rough start.

It was a happy moment of all of us. What was the biggest challenge you have ever faced?

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Probably packing up my bags, after college, and starting a job in a country that is one for the poorest on the planet. Not knowing curso de sofrologia to expect and just jumping into this new adventure leaving all my friends behind was definitely a challenge.

Técnicas de relajación en sofrología (Audiobook on Cassette, ) []

What is your anti-stress trick? What is your motto?


curso de sofrologia What kind of baby were you? What kind of little girl were you? I smiled a lot and was a curious little girl.

In adolescence we became best friends and are very close till today. What is your earliest childhood memory? Do you have any childhood anecdotes to share?

Técnicas de relajación en sofrología

The very first thing I remember, was when I was about four years old and curso de sofrologia little baby sister was born. I clearly recall driving to the hospital picking her up. I also remember that we children were not allowed into curso de sofrologia maternity ward, a fact which disappointed me tremendously.

What are your passions? My passion is spending time with my children and see them learn and grow.