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Buddhist eBooks and Dharma Talks - Free Download at MOBI for Kindle for Nook". Calibre - is a 'free' and open source e-book. I just got my Kindle and am excited at the wealth of freely available Buddhist ebooks out there. The problem is that there are too many to choose. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ven. Dr. Rewata Dhamma was a prominent Theravada Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Religion & Spirituality.


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Nilambe Buddhist Meditation Centre

In some cases, the theme is a topic. In others it may be the name of an interlocutor, a place, a group of people, or—as in the Simile-Connected discourses—a formal attribute of the discourses themselves.

The complete collection, counting all its formulaic expansions, contains more than 2, discourses, of which are translated here. No single English term can convey the full meaning of this name, although the translation Numerical Collection dhamma e-books to kindle a workable idea of the principle behind it.

The complete collection, counting all its formulaic expansions, contains more than 9, discourses. When these expansions are not counted, the total comes to approximately 2, discourses, of which are translated here. Dhamma e-books to kindle nine short passages it covers the basic topics that one would need to know when beginning Buddhist monastic life; many of the passages also serve as useful introductions to Buddhist practice in general.

The itivuttakas cover the full range of Buddhist practice. On the basic levels, they focus on skillful and unskillful dhamma e-books to kindle, and on the advanced, they cover some topics found nowhere else in the Canon. If you are looking for the Buddhist eLibrary Project, please go here: No DRM required whatsoever!

He explains and gives advice, enlightening readers on fundamental Buddhist concepts. One beneficial theme infuses every aspect of this book: Visitors to countries such as Thailand may encounter activities, customs, traditions, dhamma e-books to kindle behavior that reflect Buddhist beliefs, and they may find them unusual or puzzling.


This book will help them make sense of their experience. Not only will they enjoy their travels, but dhamma e-books to kindle understanding gained through reading this book may be life-enriching.

There may also be readers going through a difficult period in their life or experiencing some temporary unhappiness.