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With Millie Perkins, Shelley Winters, Joseph Schildkraut, Richard Beymer. During World War II, a teenage Jewish girl named Anne Frank and her family are. On August 4, , Anne Frank, her family, and four other Jews were discovered The Diary of a Young Girl has since sold more than 30 million copies in Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank (June 12, to March ) was a world-famous German-born diarist and World War II Holocaust victim. Her work, The Diary of  Death Date‎: ‎March, ‎


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What did Anne write about?

Anne looks forward to it. On 28 January she writes in her diary: She dreams about becoming a famous journalist and writer after the war.


On 8 Mayshe writes in her diary what she would like to do diary of anne frank the war is over: In some occasions, pictures diary of anne frank hidden behind the visible ones. This discovery reveals how Anne develops during her time in hiding.

Baby pictures and movie stars are pasted over with images of her new interest: For example, Anne pasted a self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci over a childish card. Anne cuts out one of the pictures and pastes it on her wall.

Anne Frank’s Diary |

Anne pastes it over a picture of the Lane Sisters. Religion, honour and conscience After the war, Otto Frank remembers Diary of anne frank as having little interest in Jewish holidays or the Sabbath when they were celebrated in the Secret Annex. However, Anne thinks about Jewishness and the Jewish faith, and develops her own ideas on religion and the diary of anne frank of nature during her time in the Secret Annex.

Otto was surprised when the diary revealed just how much Anne had been focused on Jewish hardship through the ages. This is not well received. Anne reads a few prayers, but they do not do anything for her.

10 Things to Know About Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl | Mental Floss

She does pray at night before going to sleep, usually with her father. There was no time - and she was not allowed to - make a quick note in the diary about what had just happened when the Gestapo had burst into the room to arrest them.

Johannes Kleiman is released shortly after his arrest diary of anne frank six months later Victor Kugler escapes. Immediately after diary of anne frank arrests Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl rescue Anne's diary and papers that have been left behind in the Secret Annex.

Despite intensive investigations it has never been clear how the hiding place was discovered. Otto Frank returns Otto Frank is the only one of the eight people in hiding to survive the war.

The story of Anne Frank

During his long journey back to The Netherlands he learns that his wife, Edith, has died. He knows nothing about diary of anne frank daughters and still hopes to see them again. He arrives back in Amsterdam at the beginning of July.

He goes straight to Miep and Jan Gies and remains with them for another seven years.

Dear Kitty[ edit ] There has been much conjecture about the identity or inspiration of Kitty, who in Anne's revised manuscript is diary of anne frank sole recipient of her letters.

Inthe critic Sietse van der Hoek wrote that the name referred to Kitty Egyedi, a prewar friend of Anne's. Van der Diary of anne frank may have been informed by the publication A Tribute to Anne Frankprepared by the Anne Frank Foundation, which assumed a factual basis for the character in its preface by the then-chairman of the Foundation, Henri van Praag, and accentuated this with the inclusion of a group photograph that singles out Anne, Sanne Ledermann, Hanneli Goslarand Kitty Egyedi.

Anne does not diary of anne frank Kitty Egyedi in any of her writings in fact, the only other girl mentioned in her diary from the often reproduced photo, other than Goslar and Ledermann, is Mary Bos, whose drawings Anne dreamed about in and the only comparable example of Anne's writing unposted letters to a real friend are two farewell letters to Jacqueline van Maarsenfrom September Kitty became so idealized and started to lead her own life in the diary that it ceases to matter who is meant by 'Kitty'.