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EBooks and audio books. Instructions in Brief. 1. Verify your Sony Reader has v or higher firmware installed. 2. Install Sony eBook Library software from. eBook Library Software latest version: Easily organize your ebook collection. Only Sony Reader owners can take full advantage of all the program's features. Sony eBook Library Software. It not only acts as a eBook reader but also works as an eBook organizer. The program lets you import folders and files, preview.


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With a valid library card you can download ebooks and more, which will automatically expire after a given time. This service isn't available in all areas. Ebook library software sony a how to guide for getting library ebooks.

Here's the link to download Sony's Reader Library. Other character sets such as Cyrillicfor example are not displayed correctly, but Cyrillic patches are available for Russian and Bulgarian users see the site [1].

Sony Customer Support have confirmed that units sold in the US only work with Latin characters as of In March the Sony Reader store was closed and account holders received an email with a link that enabled ebook library software sony to transfer their library to Kobo.

Most titles transferred, however some were not able to be transferred even though the titles were sold on Kobo; the transfer period ended in May.

The software now works under Select Purchased from the Store from the dropdown at the top of the page ebook library software sony see all of the books in the Kobo Cloud available to download. If you don't see your book in this section, select All books available from the dropdown menu.

Sony Reader for PC - Download

If a book ebook library software sony an arrow on the cover, it means it's not yet synced to your Sony Reader software. Click the arrow at the bottom of a book's cover to download it.

Fortunately eBook Library Software can lend you a hand. Advertisement With eBook Library Software you can easily handle your ebook collection and turn that pile of ebooks into a neatly organized ebook personal library.