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How can i get quick office for or pdf reader my nokia c3-oo besides buying in nokia more you can get it from nokia store. look for eZReader DOC PDF Lite. ez reader doc pdf lite jar EZReader DOC PDF ecological anthropology pdf X Mobile Java Games available for free er DOC PDF. The EZ Reader is a rebranded Halin V5 with additional hardware color options (black, tanish white, lime green, slate blue, brown maroon, and.


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Download Latest Version of Ezreader doc pdf lite for Free. Other versions of Ezreader doc pdf lite may also available in our Mobile App store you ezreader doc search them from related software category.

EZReader DOC PDF Lite for JAVA:free download

We appreciate the secondary buttons since those near the spine are just a bit too high for easy thumb reach. The manual states ezreader doc pressing and holding the page turn button advances or moves back 10 pages, though our unit didn't want to do this. The EZ reader supports folders so you can organize books, which is very handy if you have a large number of books on board.

We can't wait until Amazon offers some kind of folder support or collections like ezreader doc Sony Reader. Both the meg internal memory area and the SD card will appear on the desktop as mass storage devices.

You can jump to any page you wish in a book via the "Go to page command" and the number buttons, similar to the Sony Reader Build quality and Design The EZ Reader 6" is solidly built and has a grippy matte black finish that helps keep the reader in hand.

The styling isn't anything to write home about-- it's not shockingly ugly like the original Kindle but it's not as Mac-wannabe sleek as the Kindle 2 or as metallic-classy as the Sony Reader line.

The reader is rectangular with curved corners but no side bevels to make it look ezreader doc or more stylish. The buttons are large and easy to operate though we wouldn't mind larger page turn buttons.


These are a charger, USB cable, leather book-style ezreader doc and earbud headphones. The black leather book case has some padding for protection and it feels nice in the hand but it reeked of dye for the first 2 weeks.


You can turn off the key sound ezreader doc default it beeps for every key press and page turn which is annoying in an ebook readerselect from the 20 available languages, add your own font and view system information.

There is no built-in dictionary and there's no automatic power management as there is on the Kindle and Sony Reader. EInk displays don't use power when on, only when turning a page, so it doesn't matter in terms of battery life if you turn off ezreader doc reader or not.

But eInk does ghost and can last through many screen refreshes if you've left the reader displaying the same page for a day or more. The application is available for download at Nokia Store and supports ezreader doc Nokia ezreader doc and basically, it is designed for series 40 mobiles. The app also lets images and text styles to appear on your phone.

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We rate ezreader doc as a number one Java application not only because it supports Microsoft Word documents and PDF documents but also the app stands stable on the phone.

I tried this application with my basic Java mobile. Read StoxMarket forex broker review.

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