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As far as I know there is no PDF library around that does so, iText(Sharp) in particular does not execute any Javascript as a result of its  html - How to send a pdf file directly to the printer. Exporting generic HTML/CSS to PDF has been an open question without a definitive . The javascript library jsPDF should suite your specific requirement. is a tiny javascript library to help printing from the web. Print friendly support for HTML elements, image files and JSON data. Print PDF files directly form  Missing: force ‎| ‎Must include: ‎force.


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Force user to save a form as a different name? - Planet PDF

In addition to PDFKit, you'll need somewhere to stream the output to. Read below for details. You can optionally use CSS to specify visual styling, including dimensions, border, margins, etc. In case you were wondering, your browser force javascript pdf library PDFs.

However, PDF embedding is not supported by certain browsers. For this reason, I would like the form to save itself as a new name ideally taking a name from the force javascript pdf library field inserted in the form.

I have searched this forum and came across a topic quoted below.


You can remove it by setting this to false. By default all text will be printed in black.

PDFObject: A JavaScript utility for embedding PDFs

Accepts a string with custom styles to be applied to each image. Place the following code in a script tag, below the pdf. PDFJS is a global object which you get when you include pdf. This object is the base object and contains various methods.

It is used to fetch the PDF document asynchronously, sending multiple Ajax requests to download document in chunks, which force javascript pdf library not only fast but efficient as well.

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There are different parameters which can be passed to this force javascript pdf library but the most important one is the URL pointing to a PDF document. The success callback of the Promise is passed an object which contains information about fetched PDF document.

In our example, this argument is named pdf.