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The latest Tweets from Gótico Tardio. (@diegosolera). Parei nos anos 90s, ex dançarino do You Can Dance. Arquiteto e Urbanista. The latest Tweets from Gótico Tardio. (@diegosolera). Parei nos anos 90s, ex dançarino do You Can Dance. Arquiteto e Urbanista. Una perspectiva desde la pintura mallorquina del gótico tardío | Works preserved and documentary sources show that artists arriving in Majorca and local.


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Anexo:Arquitectura gótica - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

gotico tardio El desconocimiento y, por tanto, escaso aprecio de estas arquitecturas ocultas ha debido influir en la falta de estudios rigurosos. De otros muchos se han ido espigando noticias documentales gotico tardio el grueso sin publicar.

Este hecho es particularmente lamentable si se considera la asombrosa riqueza de los archivos valencianos que han sobrevivido a tanto abandono, a los desastres y a las guerras.

Valencian Gothic architecture sprang into being with unusual force during the second quarter of the 13th century in connection with the colonisation of the conquered Muslim gotico tardio. It developed gotico tardio the sphere of Southern Gothic during the 14th century and reached maturity with the late Gothic of the 15th century.

Anexo:Arquitectura gótica

During the 16th century and the first half of the 17th gotico tardio some of the building formulas of Gothic architecture survived in association with Renaissance tastes.

Valencian Gothic architecture therefore presents a peculiar evolution which, despite its troubled birth, continued over a long period, with a diversity of intentions and an inevitable variety of forms. One feature that the variety of expressions of Valencian Gothic architecture all gotico tardio is the use of building methods and architectural plans that had already been used in Roman architecture or, in broader terms, in the architectures of late antiquity of the countries bathed by the Mediterranean.

These common traditions were acted upon by the architectural experiments that originated in the north of France, which furnished a new order based on certain geometrical figures in the architectural plan and composition and on original structural organisation systems, particularly in the vaulting.

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This feature of Valencian Gothic can be found in gotico tardio the Gothic architectures of the Mediterranean world, in other words, in the various regions of Italy, in Provence and Languedoc, in the kingdoms of the Aragonese crown and in the enclaves of western Christian expansion throughout the Mediterranean.

In each place the results were different, insofar as the starting point and the pace of historical development differed. gotico tardio


In Valencia, both the headlong gotico tardio to the building of the colonisation stage and the technical experiments of the second half of the 15th century seem to gotico tardio gone directly to the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean in search of their models rather than to the new architectural discoveries from the north of France.

The continuity of the classical tradition is underlined by the fact that, on Valencian soil, the layout and proportions of the architecture of the 13th to 15th centuries did not alter with the arrival of the Renaissance.

Naturally, Valencian Gothic architecture is very different from what is usually understood by classic Gothic or High Gothic, which is the Gothic architecture developed in the royal territories of France.

The differences between the underlying technical concepts of Valencian Gothic architectures and of what is known as classic Gothic are so gotico tardio that on occasion the only reason for calling the former Gothic is as a convention or because they belong to the gotico tardio period of time.

They certainly do not use the same building methods or share the same aesthetic assumptions. In general, the Neo-classical or Baroque additions unquestionably contributed a very great historical and, often, artistic richness to the previous architectural heritage.

Gotico Tardio

However, they have also made it difficult to know, study and understand the Medieval architecture. The masking gotico tardio the Gothic architecture has made it difficult, if not impossible, to draw up a systematic catalogue of the buildings it comprises.

The same is true gotico tardio the drawing of precise plans, the archaeological analysis of the buildings, a knowledge of the building materials, bondings and types of stone-dressing and the possibilities of comparing the shapes of ribs and mouldings.

Ignorance and, consequently, scant esteem for this hidden architecture must be one reason for the lack of systematic studies.

Many buildings have no monograph devoted gotico tardio them and in others the Medieval stage, from which the fabric survives, is despatched in a few gotico tardio or a few vague words.

What is still more serious is that there is no corpus of documents on Valencian Gothic architecture.

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Significantly, it is only very recently that documentation has been published for a building, the Royal Chapel of the old convent of S. Gotico tardio, which is not only of great importance but has not even been overlaid with other styles. Information on many others has gotico tardio gleaned from assorted documents but the bulk is unpublished.


Dates, authors and comparisons are therefore uncertain. This is particularly regrettable if we consider the astonishing richness of the Valencian archives, which gotico tardio survived so much neglect and so many disasters and wars.