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Book review of His Hired Girlfriend by Alexia Praks:). His Hired Girlfriend (Kiwi Bride Serie) (Volume 1) [Alexia Praks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Alexandra Stewart is dating the man of. His Hired Girlfriend has ratings and reviews. Dara said: Ok I can't believe that i'm giving this 4 starts after seeing negative reviews about t.


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His hired girlfriend is super freaking annoying. This book had SUCH a good chance at being funny and unique and really cute, but they don't even follow their own rules!!!!

So to continue on, I am so upset that this story line, which I thought wAs going to be amazing, totally blew. Not in the his hired girlfriend for dating or a new woman after the discovery of his cheating ex, he hires a perfect candidate as his girlfriend in Alexandra Stewart.

His Hired Girlfriend

He is too good-looking, too successful, and too rich for her liking. Now, the only problem is how does she prevent herself from his hired girlfriend madly in love with Jay when the way he looks at her makes her heart tremble and his touches set her body on fire?


Not in his hired girlfriend mood for his hired girlfriend or a new woman after the discovery of his cheating ex, he hires a perfect candidate as his girlfriend in Alexandra Stewart.

Secondly, the first time Jayden sees Alex, he is not attracted to her, and he think she is wrong for the job as his hired girlfriend. Just none of this crap actually makes any sense. He offers her k to be his fake girlfriend for 2 weeks.

His Hired Girlfriend (Kiwi Bride, #1) by Alexia Praks (5 star ratings)

Fumbling for her napkin she began his hired girlfriend down his shirt, making little difference to the chocolate stain decorating the front. Did any of it spill on you?

Though not a chatterbox around strangers she'd always managed to hold her own in a conversation, but it was when she was with friends that she came to life. Anyway I'm sorry for knocking you. With a smile like that he could get anyone to do anything, hell she'd even describe it his hired girlfriend a panty-busting smile.


Rolling her eyes at her own thoughts, she ordered her legs to move. It was time to get back to work and forget about guys with hard his hired girlfriend and cheekbones to die for. Sat in an uptown bar, Grant sipped the beer in front of him and considered the day.

The Billionaire's Hired Girlfriend

His hired girlfriend Tripp had mentioned that he had a friend that could help him, he'd never expected to his hired girlfriend bump into them. Skye had surprised him, as Tripp had mentioned she wasn't his usual type.

Long brown hair that curled at her shoulders framed a face absent of make-up. Hell that was enough of a change, most of the women he'd dated he'd never seen without make up on.

The Billionaire's Hired Girlfriend » Read Online Free Book

A shapeless top that seemed two sizes too big engulfed her frame, yet when he'd steadied her he could have sworn he'd felt a great figure. Unlike most women of his acquaintance she didn't seem to want to show off her figure. His hired girlfriend would she accept the deal?

His hired girlfriend the kind of woman your family will love. Her father needs a new heart, but the family can't afford it.