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Mythological origins[ edit ] This has been dated to recorded history from BC.

Mythological origins begin with the reign of the "Konchin Tukthapa Ipu Athoupa Pakhangpa" Pakhangpa was the name given to him meaning "The one who knows his father". He gave birth to the seven clans of History gk pdf hindi society.


Kanglei which is now called "Kangla" was the first capital of the kingdom called "Kangleipak". The religion of the land was purely "Sanamahism", one of the oldest religions of the world.

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According to Sakok Lamlen, the area had different names according to the era. In the first treaty between the British East India History gk pdf hindi and Meidingu Chingthangkhomba Bhagyachandra signed inthe kingdom was recorded as Meckley.

Bhagyachandra and his successors issued coins engraved with the title of Manipureshwar, or lord of Manipur and the name Meckley was discarded.

Later on, the Sanskritisation work, Dharani Samhita —34 popularized the legends of the derivation of Manipur's name.

Northeast India holds the key to the understanding the scope, depth, dimension and cultural diffusion history gk pdf hindi south and history gk pdf hindi Asia which played a crucial role in transforming the northeast Indian ethnographic canvas from prehistoric times onwards.

Manipur appears to have absorbed Bronze Age cultural traits from Thailand and Upper Burma where indigenous early metal age culture developed at a comparatively early date around BC. Archaeological excavations have found stone and bone tools as well as animal remains as evidence of Stone Age habitation of these caves.

Other notable caves nearby include Hunding Caves, 11 kilometres 6.

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One of archaeologist O. Singh's most valuable findings is a pebble chopping tool discovered in Maring Naga Village, Machi, in the Chandel district. These celts are mostly edge-ground pebble and flake tools and show the presence of Neolithic culture in Manipur. Similar relics have been found in Thailand at the Spirit Caves as well as in Burma and other places in Southeast Asia.

Tharon is a Liangmei village where the five caves and rock shelters were first explored in December by the State Archaeology Department.

Locally, the caves are known as Kalemki from Kalem bat and Ki houseliterally: The house of the bat. A stream called Kalem-ki-magu runs near the caves, which history gk pdf hindi composed of Barail series sandstone and were probably formed history gk pdf hindi rock weathering.

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The Tharons have a distinct affinity with the Haobihian culture and before the advent of the present Tibeto-Burman inhabitants of the area, Proto-Australoid people occupied these caves around — BC. The edge-ground history gk pdf hindi and history gk pdf hindi wares of Napachik are similar to those found in the Spirit Cave in Thailand, the Padubtin Cave in Burma, the Lapita sites in Tonga along with Haobihian sites in Vietnam although tripod wares were also found at one the Haobihian sites.

It is probable that, while Napachik culture has an affinity with that of Haobihian, handmade corded tripod wares from Chinese Neolithic culture arrived in the area around the second millennium BC showing that the Manipur valley was already inhabited by Neolithic men in or around BC.

Meitei culture took root during the reign of Pakhangba as did sagol kangjei polowith the first match played between the chiefs of different regions. Polo was played in imitation of a game from the traditional Hayachak era.

Laisna took a major role in organizing the game. Known as the history gk pdf hindi of the drum punghis reign was a peaceful one.

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Technical innovation in metallurgy was also recorded in the chronicle. Along with the history gk pdf hindi consolidation of the kingdom, Loiyamba introduced administrative reforms, which provided the backbone of the kingdom's administration for the next seven centuries.

He systematized the administrative divisions of the country by creating six lups or divisions as well as introducing the Pana System.

He left a well-organized society and economy in Meeteileipak.

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According to Ningthourol History gk pdf hindi he was originally known as Charairongba. One of the most well-known events of Charairongba's reign was a raid by the Tangkhul tribe from Tuisem village while he was absent.

His queen Linthoingambi demonstrated courage and skill, hoodwinking the raiding tribesmen into defeat and captivity.