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Recent years have seen a remarkable growth of interest in revolution and social upheaval. This collection of essays by distinguished historian and long-standing. In his book Revolutionaries (New York: New Press,. ), Eric Hobsbawm notes that “all revolutionaries must always believe in the necessity of taking the initia-. This collection of essays by distinguished historian and long-standing Marxist Eric Hobsbawm is a commentary and critical retrospective on the revolutionary.


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Revolutionaries - Eric J. Hobsbawm - Google книги

Hobsbawm revolutionaries collection of essays by distinguished historian and long-standing Marxist Eric Hobsbawm is a commentary and critical retrospective on the revolutionary movements and ideas that dominated the twentieth century, and which remain of crucial contemporary relevance.

The lack of individual protagonists might be a part of the problem for me, although I hobsbawm revolutionaries the first to admit that this, in it self, is no lack in the author or the analysis, but only in me.


It's kind of like a case of hobsbawm revolutionaries floats your boat" and in my case this sinks. Good stuff thus far.

Hobsbawn is an admittedly Marxist dude, but is able to present a hobsbawm revolutionaries unbias account of Marxism and Communism in a realistic hobsbawm revolutionaries rather than ranting on about how great Communism is or is not. Good honest historic writer and simple language to understand!

He tells of the difference between Marxism and Communism, interesting hobsbawm revolutionaries on anarchism and Lenin too. Not that anyone cares, too think of it, does hobsbawm revolutionaries even think about revolutions as a real possibility nowadays; or is it just a full blown delusion at this point???

Isn't it just easier to buy a "Che" t shirt, an Ipod, hobsbawm revolutionaries label yourself a revolutionary against the system in your close knit of "politically conscious" friends??


He's not that kind of person. Whereas people like Arthur Koestler left the Party after seeing the friendly reception of Nazi foreign minister Joachim von Hobsbawm revolutionaries in Moscow during the years of the Molotov—Ribbentrop Pact —[46] Hobsbawm stood firm even after the Soviet invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakiathough he was hobsbawm revolutionaries them both.


The essence of Communism is hobsbawm revolutionaries abnegation of individual freedom, as Hobsbawm admits in a chilling passage: Its demands had absolute priority.

We accepted its discipline and hierarchy. We accepted the absolute obligation to follow 'the lines' it proposed to us, even when we disagreed with it. We did what it ordered us to do Whatever it had ordered, we would have obeyed If the Party ordered you to abandon your lover or hobsbawm revolutionaries, you did so.

He accepted the order to side with the Nazis against the Weimar -supporting Social Democrats in hobsbawm revolutionaries great Berlin transport strike of He accepted the order to side with the Nazis against Britain and France following the Ribbentrop—Molotov Pact of He accepted the excommunication of Tito.

Revolutionaries | The New Press

He condoned the show trials of men like Laszlo Rajk in Hungary. Injust after Stalin's death, he visited Moscow as one of the honoured members of the Historians' Group of hobsbawm revolutionaries British Communist Party. He admits to having been dismayed when, hobsbawm revolutionaries years later, Khrushchev denounced Stalin's crimes at the Twentieth Congress of the Soviet Communist Party.

When Khrushchev himself ordered the tanks into BudapestHungary, Hobsbawm hobsbawm revolutionaries spoke up, publishing a letter of protest.

But he did not leave the Party.