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The tragedy of Honest to God, as I perceive it, is that Robinson did not see that what he was rejecting was a form of supernaturalism pressed. This is the fortieth anniversary edition of John Robinson's classic text. Honest to God is a bracing and engaging call to re-examine outdated and troublesome. Honest to God has ratings and 50 reviews. Paul said: A LAUGH, A SONG, AND A HAND GRENADEJohn Robinson was a Bishop, no less, and this little.


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The great German ocean-going whales were thus housed in small fresh-water tanks and made to do tricks honest to god robinson delight or shock according to taste the surprised UK public.

This was the climate in which Robinson was nurtured; and the religion of the middle Anglican at the time carried a certain mark of devotion, a certain tone of voice even, which betrayed its sense of the still-existing gulf between humans and God.

The gap between being heavenly minded and being of earthly use was wide, and there was a honest to god robinson embarrassment at trying to straddle it, an embarrassment conveniently hidden behind the understated but powerful Anglican liturgy.

We might compare and contrast the Eastern Orthodox worldview where, precisely in liturgy, God is richly present albeit shrouded in mystery.

Not Nearly Radical Enough: The Irony of John Robinson's 'Honest to God'

If you meet the question of God within a framework which demands that you straddle that large gap, a gap moreover which honest to god robinson too wide for your friends and neighbours except, of course, those infuriating people who read C. Lewis or go to Billy Graham ralliesyou will perceive the problem as one of an unbelievable supra- or supernaturalism; and you will turn, like Feuerbach a century earlier, to an attempt at a restated naturalism.

Granted that the problem is perceived in these terms, there honest to god robinson perhaps little else that he could do.

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My sympathy for his plight has grown over the years as I have lived within the continuing split-level world of much English piety. Is there an alternative, then?

Doubts about Doubt: Honest to God Forty Years On

We must rely on some kind of revelation this is the move, of course, which Robinson never made, and which honest to god robinson remains unmade by, and worrying to, many of his generation ; not to leap over the ontological or moral gap between a remote Deist God and ourselves, but to enable us rightly to recognize the laughter and the tears, the celebration and the judgment, of the true God.

I have argued elsewhere that we discover the divinity of Jesus, not as much post-Enlightenment theology has tried to do as an extra quality or add-on over and above this humanity, but precisely within it.

I honest to god robinson my historical investigations into what it meant to be Jesus if I can put it like that as contributing centrally to this task of reconceiving the ways in which we talk of God in the postmodern culture which has shaken to the foundations the modernist framework upon which Robinson relied and which seemed to him set in stone for ever.

But instead of accepting that framework and setting about a kind of naturalism instead, albeit one with a bad conscience, I want to suggest that the framework itself needs dismantling and replacing with something else.


An obvious objection to this proposal might come in the form: Here, sticking my honest to god robinson out, I protest. The idea of ancient worldviews being honest to god robinson aside by modern ones — the point is often couched in terms of pre-scientific and scientific worldviews — likewise comes to us with all kinds of Enlightenment baggage.

I am reminded of C. What post-Enlightenment thought has offered us, in fact, is more or less exactly the same choice as outlined by Cicero in the first century BC in his De Natura Deorum: Either God and the world are pretty nearly the same thing; or they are ontological light honest to god robinson apart; or the evidence is confused and we cannot really tell.

Cicero took the last view, but believed it was important for social and cultural reasons to keep public religion going anyway, a position familiar to many Anglicans. Each of these worldviews, with its attendant philosophy, survives quite well the transition from pre-scientific to scientific.


Let me add that, despite my belief in the arrogance of the Enlightenment and the neces-[] sity of honest to god robinson postmodern critique, I remain grateful for the real and substantial blessings brought to us by science.

I would not wish to return to premodern dentistry, or swap the high-tech variety Honest to god robinson currently enjoy for any New Age alternatives. But the worldview we find in the Hebrew and Aramaic Scriptures, and its fresh mutation in early Christianity, always did cut across those ancient non-Jewish worldviews with a fresh challenge, however humbling it may have been: Significantly it was exactly those forms of speaking—not least Word, Wisdom, Torah, Shekinah and Spirit—that the early Christians drew on when trying to explain the significance of Jesus and the freshly outpoured Holy Spirit.

Honest to God - John Arthur Thomas Robinson - Google книги

A particularly sharp edge of this has been the claim, repeated over and over, that the early Christians and the Jewish counterparts lived in an apocalyptic worldview, meaning by that that they believed the space-time universe was about to come to an end.

This honest to god robinson has been a central part of the kind of problem Robinson faced in Honest to God as in his other writings.

But it is demonstrably false.