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I don't know if Ward was in a rush to get this story to the publisher or what, but I can see where people are pissed about reading this series. Possession by J. R. Ward, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Ward (yep, THAT J.R. Ward) to our humble ablog (aka, abode) to chat about her new Fallen Angels novel, Possession (out today!); what's next for Jim and Sissy; who her favorite heroes are; and what's on tap for her upcoming Black Dagger Brotherhood release, The King (March ).


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And will a woman's future be the key, or the curse, for all of humanity? Only time, and hearts, will tell. Ward After graduating from law school J. What about a favorite heroine? Jim and Adrian are neck-and-neck jr ward possession Angels.

Interview: J.R. Ward, 'Possession'

And Zsadist is probably my favorite hero of all time. I like them all!

A dark, tortured hero with the voice of an angel? Ah, but back to Jim.


Do we get to see more of the romance between Jim and Sissy in Possession? Readers have had their fingers crossed for more!

Possession : J. R. Ward :

I do what my Rice Krispies tell me! I wrote their book for that simple reason. What about when you need a break from the intense world of the Fallen Angels or Brothers? But you do need to clean your pipes, so to speak — and I jr ward possession that running.

We loved your novella Father Mine, featuring Jr ward possession and Zsadist. It doesn't seem forced or contrived which is another plus.

Sissy definitely has jr ward possession and seems wiser than her years given what she went through. It was a nice shift jr ward possession gears. This managed to squeeze tears out of me when she visits her family and thinks about all those she has left behind. For someone who has officially 'entered' the series and now has a play and POV in the games she's a very well-rounded character with a lot of depth and maturity which I really liked.

Pathetic even for Devina.

Possession : Number 5 in series

That was unbearable enough but to bargain with her to keep her away from the soul in play by sleeping with her AGAIN was jr ward possession torture. Totally you have got be kidding me? How many times do we have to go through these mind fucks pun intended Ward?

I will not and never will sympathize with Devina or her poor wittle OCD demon heart being crushed by Jim's brush offs. And him constantly having to go on fucking sprees with her as a 'sacrifice' jr ward possession rage inducing and getting pretty damn tiring at this point.


I see that Ward is valiantly trying to humanize jr ward possession in different ways with her OCD therapy, deep insecurity and falling for Jim. All that does is just razz me up more and wishing someone would just stab her in the eye heart jr ward possession her stiletto shoe and be done with it. She's great as a villain, she's cunning and quite terrifying lessers take notes.

She's a total sociopath and I loathe her.

But as a misunderstood 'I feel ugggggly' whiny woman?