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A dictionary of jumprope tricks. The Tricktionary is organized by type (Basics, Multiples, Power, Rope Manipulation, and Releases) and by level . Hopefully with this list of easy jump rope tricks, you'll be tempted to finally start jumping rope. The jump rope is truly that amazing and will work. Please visit Kids Heart Challenge where kids can join exciting fundraising events while they learn heart healthy skills, have fun jumping rope or.


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Boxing Jump Rope Tricks

Try this only once you have developed a good hand at skipping a few tricky ones, plus one also needs to be practiced in push ups. Jump low to the ground, and quickly put your hand on ground and stretch legs out in a push-up position.

Jump back up and pull the rope jump rope tricks your feet.


This one will require some practice to get it right. For this, one needs to have a longer skip rope and a partner.

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Bounce together, and then move on to the 'straddle swing', and do a side swing. The partner in front goes underneath the others legs and jump rope tricks the next skip, performing the straddle and side swings come switching sides back and forth.

Besides jump rope tricks fun, these tricks will be a great way to exercise the whole body. Intermediate Tricks Intermediate tricks can take some practice, but once you get it right, they look great.

Skipping tricks

They're jump rope tricks a lot of fun once you can complete them without fail. Jump one; land on one foot as you tap your other foot to the side. Jump two; land on the same foot and tap the other foot a little more forward and to the side.

Jump three; tap the foot in front of you. Jump four; you'll land on the same foot again, but jump rope tricks your leg and lift your ankle up in front of you.

Jump Rope Skills

Final jump; you'll be starting back at the beginning but with the legs switched. This trick is your first step to moving up to advanced jump roping.


After your first jump rope tricks, lift your right leg up and jump with your left leg, and at the same time putting your arm behind your right raised knee.

Try doing cross-overs as you stand on one leg, or use a running motion with your legs.


Also try doing jump rope tricks as you do straddles, scissors. Another thing you can do is one cross-over and instead of uncrossing it, you put both handles together into a side-swing.

Double Cross-Overs in one jump, spin the rope under you twice as you cross and uncross it before landing The double cross-over is probably the hardest and yet most exciting trick for beginners.

Boxing Jump Rope Tricks

It requires muscle in your legs, back, and arms, along with jump rope tricks technical skill and also a properly sized rope. I like to do as many double cross-overs as possible in the last 30 seconds of every round. The feeling is something like a sprint interval. Over the next few rope turns, begin to lift your knees higher.

Pick up speed and raise your knees higher still.

Jump Rope Tricks

When you feel ready, lift your knees up to hip level and sprint on the spot as fast as you can. With practice, you will jump rope tricks able to spin the rope and lift your knees at great speed, which will give you an effective workout.

Crossovers Crossovers are a handy way to release the jump rope tricks that builds up in your shoulders and are also a cool-looking trick! Start by performing two-footed jumps at a slow to moderate pace.

Establish a good rhythm. When you feel ready, quickly cross your hands to form a loop in your rope as it passes over your head. Jump through jump rope tricks loop and immediately uncross your hands. Continue jumping rope and then try again.