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Grisham's entertaining modern-day legal thriller offers a bitingly farcical look at lawyers at the bottom of the food chain. David Zinc, an associate. Is it me, or are John Grisham's titles following a slow ramp to dreariness? The muted menace of “The Firm” and “The Client” has given way to. The Litigators [John Grisham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The partners at Finley & Figg—all two of them—often refer to themselves as.


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Background[ edit ] Having sold million copies of his previous 24 novels in 29 languages, Grisham had produced an international bestseller with each prior book.

In addition, he has produced one non-fiction litigators grisham.

The Litigators - Wikipedia

Thus, various sources claim this to be his 23rd, [2] 25th, [3] or 26th book. However, in this case much of the humor survived editing. Oscar's character holds the firm together despite the childish and unethical behavior of Wally, his junior partner.

Meanwhile, David Zinc, a graduate of the Harvard Law Schoolis completely fed up with the grinding and dehumanizing — though well-paid — life of an associate in the law firm of Rogan Rothberg, where in five years of work he had never seen the inside of a courtroom, in fact, David's expertise was in long-term bonds [3] a job he hated.

Feeling an elevating sense of freedom and vowing never to go back, Zinc willingly relegates himself to working litigators grisham the two disreputable street lawyers and ambulance chasers.

While Litigators grisham goes to a funeral home to attend the wake of a former estate client, the client's son claims that his father was killed by Krayoxx, a cholesterol litigators grisham drug developed by the fictional pharmaceutical company Varrick Labs.

Oscar and Wally generate publicity in the Chicago Tribune with a picture of their filing; litigators grisham induces an avalanche of communications and leads them to several additional claimants.

There are several other lawyers all over the U. The blossoming class action lawsuit against Varrick Labs is coordinated by Jerry Alisandros of Floridawho has become rich out of previous lawsuits against Varrick. Alisandros offers Wally "a ride" back to Chicago litigators grisham his luxurious private jet and makes clear that all Wally needs to do is locate some more Krayoxx cases in Chicago and then he would become part of a mass settlement, with Alisandros taking care of all the rest, such litigators grisham finding experts to testify on the harmful effects of Krayoxx.

The calculations of Jerry Alisandros and the other mass tort lawyers are based on their previous experience.


Several times before they litigators grisham caught Varrick marketing seriously faulty drugs, as well as ruthlessly trying out their products in Third World countries. In all these cases, Varrick preferred to negotiate lucrative compensations for these lawyers' clients, of which the lawyers got a big cut.

Alisandros expects the same to happen again: However, there are some complications which neither Wally nor the litigators grisham Alisandros anticipates.

The drug works as advertised, it has no ill effects and is unjustly maligned; Varrick has first-rate experts with impeccable records willing to so testify.

With Karros' help, Varrick sets a trap for the mass tort lawyers. This time Varrick will only pretend to negotiate — their true aim would be to have a jury litigators grisham vindicate Krayoxx and deny any kind of tort. To achieve that result, Varrick takes litigators grisham to prevent the case from going to Florida, Alisandros' favorite battleground.

The Litigators

It is much better for them to let jurisdiction be claimed by Chicago federal judge Harry Seawright, with whom Rogan Rothberg has litigators grisham ties.

With a large settlement seemingly looming, Oscar hastens to start divorce proceedings against his wife, Paula, with whom had long been at odds, so as to cash out before the big Krayoxx money comes in. He stumbles upon a lead poisoning brain damage case involving the child of Burmese immigrants.

Expending his own time and resources on this case, [23] [24] [25] Zinc gathers enough evidence that if only he can find the identity of the American company which imported the child's toxic toys from China he litigators grisham have an "open and shut" tort case.

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