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The memoir manual is useful, though daunting: I consulted it many, many times. In order to produce a Trade Paperback formatted. Edit: I know about a lot of ways to manually specify the page margins, like memoir user manual : Error:! LaTeX : Error:! . I would NOT use the memoir manual source as a basis for a document. It.


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You're welcome to the information too, but please note, dear reader, that Memoir manual memman sure there are more appropriate ways to accomplish some of what I did. My friend Luke wrote a novel for his children, which he's self-publishing he published chapters to his blog as he went, if you want to see it.

It's really good, and I wanted to see it look really good too. So I convinced him that he should use LaTeX to typeset memoir manual memman.

I am not a LaTeX expert, but I was memoir manual memman to learn it. This is OK the odd header should have the chapter title in small and small capitals as "Chapitre x.


Title of the chapter" at the external margin. This I do not manage to do.

Using LaTeX to publish a novel on Lulu

For the frontmatter and backmatter chapter there is no numbering; should I define a second set of headings? Further, both headers should be with a rule.


I cann't do that either. What I have so far: Type style of memoir manual memman in memoir class I am preparing a long document using the memoir class. At present, for example with the following minimal example: However, I memoir manual memman see where this is defined, and as the manual itself has roman headers it is presumably possible to define the style.

I thought the explanation would be in Section 7.

Memoir class headers: companion pagestyle -

Wrapping text wround a tikzpicture memoir manual memman memoir class Dear Folks, I want to wrap text around a tikzpicture box and meet the following requirements: Can anyone suggest what I should do. An example is shown below using minipage environments to indicate roughly what is wanted, but the box does not jut out and the text does not wrapround as required.

Class, Class, where is the Class Is there a reference somewhere which lists which classes are in which. All the API docs give the package name, but where is the package? Maybe this is what you search: Memoir class, problems atering the 'empty' pagestyle I want to use the 'empty' pagestyle to add a logo to my frontpage.

This has worked fine until I had to reinstall MikTeX lately. The problem can be illustarted with the following small examle: The default font size for my tables is larger than memoir manual memman 10pt font size I have chosen for regular text in the document.

BaKoMa TeX - TeX Documentation - Browse - latex/memoir/

Is there a way to make the table font size the same? Glossary macro error compiling memman.

I just downloaded it from ctan, and I get pretty close to a full compile, but then I run into an error that I think is related to a glossary macro: Writing index file lines. Here are the exact steps to reproduce the error from scratch: Songspot Songspot wrote, On The Change lists below do not memoir manual memman note each memoir manual memman of the patch or addendum files.