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TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Chis. (apro).- La capitana zapatista “Erika” dio hoy la bienvenida a miles de mujeres que llegaron desde todos los. This garden is dedicated to the Zapatista women of Chiapas, Mexico. Mayan maize from their territory grows together with beans and squash in a symbiotic. Vídeo: “Mujeres en el Movimiento Zapatista” en español. Schools for Chiapas. Parte de nuestra serie de videos, Enseñe Chiapas.


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Engaging difference through respect mujeres zapatistas than negation can also move us beyond impasses within contemporary feminism, political theory, and rights-based activism.

  • Vídeo: “Mujeres en el Movimiento Zapatista” en español | Schools for Chiapas
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  • Mujeres zapatistas
  • Vídeo: “Mujeres en el Movimiento Zapatista” en español
  • The Zapatista Women’s Revolutionary Law as it is lived today

Both Comandanta Ramona and Comandanta Susana spent over four months travelling throughout mujeres zapatistas then-Zapatista communities. Mujeres zapatistas visited each and every community dialoguing with the Zapatistas collectively through community assemblies, as is the custom of the people of the region.


This was truly innovative at the time. One could hardly believe it, and much less so when the first images appeared mujeres zapatistas the undeniable presence of women in positions of authority.

What has happened to this law over the past twenty years? How is the Law being practiced among mujeres zapatistas Zapatistas in their everyday lives?

Capitana zapatista convoca a mujeres a “luchar juntas contra el sistema capitalista patriarcal”

Throughout the Escuelita [little school] in Augustin the communities that housed those 1, invitees, we heard and saw the possibilities and the advances, mujeres zapatistas also the difficulties encountered in implementing this Law in all its implications.

They have distributed in all four books which mujeres zapatistas themselves put together as a way to present their work to us. Under the heading Freedom According to the Zapatistas, the four volumes were: But this is not the case here. Zapatismo has defined itself as a radical political movement that places women at the centre and renders them visible.

Each point is listed together with reports on their daily practices, their difficulties, and their advances.

In their own voices, Zapatista indigenous women describe to us their experiences, priorities, difficulties in taking up command, and their desires for change.

Theirs are highly relevant voices for gaining a deep understanding of the process through which indigenous Maya women walk, emerge, accept, and collaborate within the Zapatista stratagem.

Mujeres zapatistas | mujeres zapatistas delante de la Catedr… | Flickr

Mujeres zapatistas process is presently the most successful proposal for constructing another world that is more just for women and, indeed, for everyone. And it is one that is created concretely by them through their daily practices. We now have this Law written down and mujeres zapatistas have it in the five Caracoles.

There are times when they do not allow them the right to freedom, and because of this problem, the Law also includes the men… we will analyze little by little how much we have been able to comply with this law as women.


Women have the right to mujeres zapatistas in the mujeres zapatistas struggle in the place and at the level that their capacity and will dictates, without any discrimination based on race, creed, colour, or political affiliation. Women have the right to work and to receive a just salary.

Women have the right to decide how many children they will have and take care of.


In our autonomy, we want all of these rights to be respected. Before, the bad government in our villages would promote mujeres zapatistas lot of bad ideas, saying that women are mujeres zapatistas and that they have no right to speak.

The Zapatista Women’s Revolutionary Law as it is lived today | openDemocracy

Women have the right to participate in community affairs and mujeres zapatistas positions of authority if they are mujeres zapatistas and democratically elected. From Caracol II, Oventik: Women have the right to primary care with regard to their health and nutrition.

From Caracol V, Roberto Barrios: The women go with the health promotoras to the clinic, and here is where this point is being realized… in some communities if there are no clinics they go to other nearby communities that do have clinics.

If we do not do this, if we do not produce, then we will die of hunger. Women have the right to mujeres zapatistas. When older women were asked about it, they said that they did not go to school because their mothers or fathers did not send them.


The capitalists mujeres zapatistas us believing this idea, their story that women are mujeres zapatistas valuable; that if a girl is born then she is worthless.

We realized that the parents of the family were not at fault. The blame is with this bad idea that they have put into our heads.