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NOKIA MORPH TECHNOLOGY; 4. Firstly IntroduceLaunched alongside The Museum of Modern Art “Designand The Elastic Mind” exhibition. Will the Dreamy Nokia Morph be the Phone of the Future Forever? Screen technologies are bending and stretching to make this concept a. Nokia Morph. What is its USP? This device concept showcases some revolutionary leaps in technology that will open up an entirely new.


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We believe nanotechnology could provide enhanced usability, and enable far more intelligent devices. Consumers will want this because it adapts to the context of the user, is easy to use and transformable such as wrapping it around the wrist.

It will give us a new kind of connectivity to our surroundings, allowing us to connect in ways never thought of before through our mobile devices and so will give us nokia morph technology types of services like never before Some of its highlights will be: Nanotechnology enables materials and components that are flexible, stretchable, transparent and remarkably strong.

Fibril proteins are woven into a three dimensional mesh that reinforces thin elastic structures. Using the same principle behind spider silk, this elasticity enables the device to literally change shapes and configure itself to nokia morph technology to the task at hand.

A folded design would fit easily in a pocket and could lend itself ergonomically to being used as a traditional handset.

Nokia Morph Technology Wiki

An unfolded larger design could display more detailed information, and incorporate input devices such as keyboards and touch pads. Even integrated electronics, from interconnects to sensors, could share these flexible properties. Further, nokia morph technology of biodegradable materials might make production and recycling of devices easier and ecologically friendly.


Nanotechnology also can be leveraged nokia morph technology create self-cleaning surfaces on mobile devices, ultimately reducing corrosion, wear and improving longevity.

At the same time new high energy density storage materials allow batteries to become smaller and thinner, while also quicker to recharge and able to endure more charging cycles.

Nanosensors would empower users to examine the environment around them in completely new ways, from analyzing air pollution, to gaining insight into bio-chemical traces and processes. New capabilities might be as complex as helping us monitor nokia morph technology conditions in the quality of our surroundings, or as simple as knowing if the fruit we are about to enjoy should be washed before we eat nokia morph technology.

Our ability to tune into our environment in these ways can help us make key decisions that guide our daily actions and ultimately can enhance our health.


It also features nanosensors that can interact with the environment to provide key information for anything from temperature changes to nokia morph technology. Nanotechnology enables materials and components that are flexible, stretchable, transparent and remarkably strong.

Nokia Morph | Nanotechnology, the future of mobile phones - Livemint

Fibril proteins are woven into a three dimensional mesh nokia morph technology reinforces thin elastic structures. The nanoscale mesh of fibers controls the stretching when the device is folded.


The surface of morph is super hydrophobic which makes it extremely dirt repellent. Nanoscale grass harvests solar energy which could be used for recharging batteries.

Nokia Morph | Nanotechnology, the future of mobile phones

By integrating TRRAM device with other transparent electronic components, we can create a total see-through embedded electronic system which became the major platform for Nokia Morph. Introduction of Nokia Morph The mobile device works at the center of our everyday life, interconnecting local intelligence-temperature changes, air pollution, our heart rate-with needed information and services.

Mobile devices together with the intelligence that will be embedded in human environments - home, office, public places - will create a new platform nokia morph technology enables nokia morph technology sensing, computing, and communication.

Core requirements for this kind of ubiquitous ambient intelligence are that the devices are autonomous and robust.