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The Great Book of Amber by Roger Zelazny, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There's nary a hobbit or elf to be found in Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber series, but there's plenty of action, violence and sex, and a pace. The Chronicles of Amber is a series of fantasy novels by American writer Roger Zelazny. The main series consists of two story arcs, each five novels in of books‎: ‎


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Among his more than fifty books, arguably Zelazny's most popular literary creations were his extraordinary Amber novels. Each, when negotiated, gives a person the ability to walk in shadow—across the different possible universes.

The Great Book of Amber : Roger Zelazny :

The Pattern is a single, intertwined curve, laid out in a twisting maze-like design, in roger zelazny amber larger than a football field. The Logrus is described as a shifting, three-dimensional obstacle course.

Amber's Pattern is located in caverns deep underneath the royal palace.

Later, more become evident: Roger zelazny amber imperfect copies exist in shadows close to Amber, with the first three being the least dangerous to use, but with the danger increasing the further one is from the original. Navigating Broken Patterns can roger zelazny amber an individual some access to magical energies, but it is "foolish" to attempt to use for such purposes any Broken Pattern further than the ninth one from Amber.


Merlin's walking of the Logrus appears in a prologue to the initial hardcover edition of the book. The Prologue has Merlin bleeding and experiencing odd sensory inputs. Later we learn that walking the Logrus can leave one mentally unstable for a while afterwards, but this "usually" passes.

The Logrus is also described as containing the skeletal remains of those who tried to walk it, roger zelazny amber failed.


The Trumps[ edit ] In the Amber universe, the word "trump" is used as both a noun and a verb. Roger zelazny amber a noun, it properly refers to a specialized type of hand-drawn tarot card depicting a person or a place.

As a verb, it refers to using such a card for teleportation.

The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny book review

The original tarot decks used by Amberites had some or all of their major arcana cards replaced or possibly augmented with images of the royal family, and of at least one roger zelazny amber, Castle Amber.

These original decks were created by Dworkin, and a deck was given to each family member after they first walked the Pattern. Physically, these cards are cool to roger zelazny amber touch.

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The decks may be used like normal tarots for divination, as Corwin does shortly after meeting one of his brothers. The Trumps have the magical attribute of facilitating a psychic link to the person or place depicted on the card, enabling instant communication, travel, and even attack.

If the card depicts a location, the user is able to teleport to that location. Roger zelazny amber the card depicts a person, the user concentrates on the image and attempts to reach out to roger zelazny amber person to initiate contact.

Action, Sex And A '70s Vibe: The World Of 'Amber' : NPR

The recipient of a Trump contact does not need to have a card in their possession. An attempted contact may be blocked or declined by the receiving roger zelazny amber, by an act of concentration.

A variety of other circumstances can also impede or prevent Trump contact from being made, including roger zelazny amber and time-flow differences across Shadows, as well as unconsciousness, amnesia, and magical characteristics of a particular location.