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Home · Lessons. DRUM! Masterclass: On A Mission From Gadd. November 16, BY BRAD SCHLUETER. (Originally published in DRUM! Magazine's. Mozambique refers to two separate styles of music. Contents. 1 Cuban-style mozambique For example, drummer Steve Gadd can be heard playing the NY Mozambique bell part on drumset (cymbal) during Paul Simon's song "Late in the  Music awards‎: ‎Beny Moré Award. The Mozambique is a musical style which has its roots in Afro-Cuban rhythms. There are One of the most well known adaptations is the Steve Gadd version.


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Tom Kovats 4 years ago Steve Gadd is the most acclaimed drummer of the past quarter century.


From the early s he forged a new era in studio craft with steve gadd mozambique phenomenal technique and emotionally intense playing. Whatever the music, be it jazz, pop, RnB or fusion, Gadd was simply the best.

Mozambique (music)

Steve Gadd drum solo in If you listen to Steve Gadd play it he changes the position of the accents as his plays. The sticking is written below.

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Some of the snare notes should be played with the same dynamic steve gadd mozambique ghost notes. They should not be played as obvious notes but are just there to create a texture.

Aside from dynamics, orchestration should also be considered.

Here is an example moving one of the snare notes to one of the toms. Gadd broke down the groove steve gadd mozambique seven separate steps, shown in the next example.


Here he plays the pattern on his cowbell and snare with the strainer in the off position. He ghosts the steve gadd mozambique note on beat 3 and varies the accents a bit. He embellishes this groove by dropping steve gadd mozambique with his bass drum, doubling the occasional cowbell note, and throwing in some toms for spice.

Gadd hits near the rim at times, creating a timbale-like effect.

Steve Gadd’s Mozambique – Killer Cool Groove*** | marcusdrumz

After the clinic ended, Gadd received an extended standing ovation that almost seemed to surprise this modest man. Some drummers left steve gadd mozambique their heads in disbelief, and others may have been motivated to practice.


We left with the thought that Steve Gadd deserves every bit of his incredible reputation. NY-style Mozambique bell pattern in clave.

Mozambique (music) - Wikipedia

The NY Mozambique bell is nearly identical to the basic songo stick pattern. The only difference is the stroke on main beat 3, sounded in the songo pattern. A Master's Approach to the Timbales, p. Its Steve gadd mozambique and African Origins p.

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