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The passing of an influential person, like Tokujiro Namikoshi, often demands a retrospective of the contributions they made to society and the positive changes. Namikoshi Shiatsu was founded by Tokujiro Namikoshi and then spread from Japan to the world by his son Toru. Today his grandson Takashi. Tokujiro Namikoshi, a pioneer of shiatsu massage whose clients included Marilyn Monroe, died of lung cancer early Monday at a hospital in.


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Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution.

Tokujiro Namikoshi - Wikipedia

For more guidance, see Wikipedia: He was born on the island of Shikoku. Inhe established the Japan Shiatsu College in Tokyo.

Vitalizes the skin, promoting softness and resilience to reduce signs of aging Limbers muscles for improved tonus, facilitating proper joint alignment Stimulates circulation of blood and lymph, supplying increased nourishment to and removing waste from all of the body's cells Regulates neural functioning Stimulates somatovisceral reflexes to regulate organ function Regulates hormonal secretions Adjusts the spine and promotes correct posture and skeletal alignment Tokujiro namikoshi shiatsu healthy digestion for proper absorption of nutrients and regular elimination Strengthens the immune system Reduces stress and promotes greater mind-body integration Shiatsu requires no special equipment, has no side effects, and can be used on anyone from children to tokujiro namikoshi shiatsu elderly.

To commemorate the occasion, he organises an event in HIbiya. About people attend his conference on shiatsu.


Tokujiro Namikoshi decides to start his business anew, and on the burned ground of his beloved school, tokujiro namikoshi shiatsu promises: One year later, his new school Shiatsu Gakuin is completed. In Septembertogether with his son, he visits Davenport, Iowa in the US, invited by the Palmer Tokujiro namikoshi shiatsu, where he gave a few master classes on shiatsu.

They both travelled around the US to teach shiatsu. She goes to see Tokujiro Namikoshi to be treated for her insomnia. She improves significantly after 7 tokujiro namikoshi shiatsu, and develops a strong liking for shiatsu.

This made shiatsu and the name Tokujiro Namikoshi much better known tokujiro namikoshi shiatsu the world. On the 28th of Marchthe Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan accredited the "Shiatsu Nihon Gakko"school as a professional shiatsu school, authorised to teach shiatsu, according to existing laws.

In OctoberTokujiro Tokujiro namikoshi shiatsu Sensei is appointed to the board for issues related to the following specialties: