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Professor Francisco J. Yndurain Universidad Autónoma de Madrid original edition: F. J. Ynduráin, Mecánica Cuántica Relativista, Alianza editorial S/a, Madrid. Mecánica cuántica relativísta: (con una introducción a la teoría cuántica de campos). Front Cover. F. J. Ynduráin QR code for Mecánica cuántica relativísta. Francisco José Ynduráin Muñoz (Benavente, província de Zamora, 23 de desembre . 2a edició; Mecánica Cuántica, 2a edició; Mecánica Cuántica Relativista.


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Baryon Masses and Chiral Symmetry Breaking. Renormalization for the Practitioner.

Ynduráin, F. J.

Lecture Notes in Physics, vol. Communications in Mathematical Physics,vol.

Mesons and 8-Dimensional Gluon Condensates. On the Excited Quarks and Leptons.

Mecanica cuantica/ Quantum Mechanics : Francisco Jose Yndurain Munoz :

Heavy and Heavy to Light Quark Expansions. QCD sum rules and the qqqq system.


The Spin 2 Gravitational Trace Anomaly. Berlin, Springer,2 vols. Speed of Light in Non-trivial Vacua. Chiral Effective Lagrangian in the large-N Limit: Minimal Optimal generalized Quantum Measurements.

Optimal Minimal Measurement of Mixed States.

Mecanica cuantica/ Quantum Mechanics

Three-party Entanglement from Positronium. However, field theory is not the object per se of this book; apart from a few examples, field theory is mainly employed yndurain mecanica cuantica establish the connection with equivalent potentials, to study the classical limit of the emission of radiation or to discuss the propagation of a fermion in classical electromagnetic fields.

The present text is devoted precisely to yndurain mecanica cuantica systematic discussion of these topics, to which we have added a gen eral description of one- and two-particle relativistic states, in particular for scattering processes.

A full relativistic treatment of particle dynamics needs to be based on quantum field theory. However, there exists a variety of processes that can be discussed with concepts like potentials, classical current distributions, prescribed external fields dealt with in the yndurain mecanica cuantica of relativistic quantum mechanics.

Then, in an introduction to field theory the author emphasizes the deduction of the said potentials or currents.